October 15th, 2021

What if dancers could truly capture and own their moves? What if performers could sell or license their dances to others, who could then use that movement data across multiple virtual worlds? What if dancers could use their movement data to collaborate on NFTs with animators, musicians, and other artists?

Introducing HEATDAO: The Movement Data Marketplace

At the beginning of the pandemic, many performers' careers came to a screeching halt, including my own. As a musician, I knew that streaming platforms wouldn't pay the bills, and performers of all types that relied on live gigs for income were stuck with few options.

Luckily, I was introduced to the NFT space through a virtual music video release party within Cryptovoxels. That's when I came to understand the power of the metaverse and the communities that can be cultivated within them. It was here that I truly dove into the exploration of digital identities, virtual performances and what kind of layers of self-expression we could add to the metaverse. DANCE DATA.

The world of dance and movement specialists is hyper-competitive and lucrative for a tiny number of people. No matter one's talent level, it can be challenging for most dancers and choreographers to make a living because the paying work revolves around finding gigs.

HEATDAO is a creative motion capture studio that aims to build a place where people can own and monetize their unique movements by bringing movement data on-chain. We will change the way dancers and performers work and interact with their fans by bringing their unique talent and expression into the metaverse.

HEATDAO is bringing this idea into the world with our upcoming NFT drop. We want to introduce our platform to the world by showing you what we've got.

This weekend, for the first time, we'll be testing the first bespoke movement data across several Metaverse platforms: truly unique, one-of-a-kind movements attached to a metaverse avatar.

Look for an exciting update for you next week . We'll be sharing the results of these tests, and perhaps a little more ... Stay tuned;)

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